Source: http://www.essence.com/2010/05/10/turquoise-jewelry/
Turquoise Jewelry has a calming and cooling effect when you lay your eyes on it and with this heat, it is necessary to look cool and feel cool. Turquoise works with yellows such as in the picture on the left of Vanessa Williams in this beautiful one-of-a-kind necklace by Mini Jewels.

Turquoise Jewelry From EMC Sq Designs Collection:

Sydney Evan's Small White-Gold & Diamond Love Necklace $840
Andrea Linett, the Creative Director of Ebay Fashion listed the top 11 jewelry websites she shops in frequently, here, and number six was Sydney Evan's Jewels. The Love necklace was picked as the jewelry to showcase to beso.com readers and I have to agree that it is a favorite piece to wear as any jewelry with the words love, joy, peace attached to it.

While it is easy to find these pieces of jewelry from costume to high-end, this White-Gold & Diamond Love Necklace is priced at $840 and deserves to be a gift from someone else and not a gift that you give yourself. What do you think?

If you're interested in a Love Necklace that is lighter on your wallet (priced at $52) and is a gift for you, you can go here.

Jenna Earrings $28
Now that we've seen neon clothes back in fashion, we're splashed with neon jewelry this spring 2012! Wearing head to toe neon is not everyone's favorite way of getting attention but with jewelry getting into the neon scene there's no reason to miss out on wearing neon.
Romy Bracelet $28
These eye catching pieces will have you in the mood for summer and all it entails: tropical fruits, maxi dresses, tribal wear, heat wave and just a splash of neon to keep you fresh!
Isla Earrings $18
This season, we are going tribal EVERYTHING including our jewelry. These earrings are unique and at just $18, they go with any budget.