Handmade Jewelry made by Haitian Childen at Kreyol Fest 2012
I bought a beautiful handmade bracelet at Kreyol Fest in Brooklyn a few weekends ago and after wearing it a few days I realized that something seemed to smell fishy and funny on me. 

I thought maybe I messed up my laundry again and my clothes were starting to smell while I was bathed in sweat (this all happened at home). Lo and behold it was the bracelet, ugh I thought. How could this happen?

I do not in anyway want to discredit the people who made the jewelry because it was made my children in Haiti and I'm sure the earrings and the hair accessories will not have the same issue as the bracelet did or maybe I got a bad one. (If you're interested in purchasing any of them to help these kids please contact me and I'll give you the contact info of the lady who sells them). 

So how did I fix this? I rubbed oil along the inside and outside of the bracelet and it smelled much better. Another way to deal with smelly handmade jewelry is to probably not take it in the shower with you in the first place because the bracelet didn't smell bad until after water had touched it. Also be wary when washing your hands and push back the bracelet so it does not get wet.

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