I was upstate New York visiting someone I had a relationship with and we were ready for bed. The lights were turned off and he was waiting for me in bed. I missed the experience of sleeping without any lights from the street reflecting into the window like it does in the city. He told me to undress and I did. I pressed hard on his chest with my hand, trying to figure out where to land on the bed. He felt my watch on my wrist and said, “Take it off. I want you to be completely bare.”

From this I learned that the man I want in my life will want to be with me for me, whether I’m wearing the latest trends or not and definitely whether I’m wearing earrings or not. There was a discussion on my Twitter Time Line recently among some of the women; it was about not being able to go out in the world without earrings. I can understand it somewhat but after hearing the words above I know that I’d rather be bare for my man.

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